Taker of Ice cream.

Here he is. The 'Taker Of Ice Cream,' flying high above the clouds, searching for unsuspecting victims. Of his greed laced assault. He spots an easy take. A child, enjoying the meal that he believes to be rightfully his. He swoops down, eager to grab what is left. He scares the poor defenseless human girl with a 'SQUAARK' and a heave of his chest. Sometime later the sun sets in the west. And here our story ends with a villain, stomach full, enjoying what was always his.

Yawn, seaguls are bastards.


"What is it? Is it food?"

:D I have followers now! So I thought I should draw something for them all. :P I need a better camera though..

So here's Timmy. He's a snail-like creature with a techy vibe who likes to make electro-moticons. (That's a word now, so sayth 1ockedand1oaded.) So he's waving his probe at you trying to see what you are, and.. he sounds pretty hungry... 0.0'


Mondays are good for me.

I can't think of what to say today so I'm just going to put this here, so future viewers can appreciate it.


Let this begin: again

So, it's the 13 of may and I drew this yesterday JUST FOR YOU GUYS!! 8D

Even though I don't have any followers I believe in the random blog link to get me some viewers.


Is this thing still here?

This blog is a show of my failure to keep up with presentation. >.> I've been working on this picture since i last updated and didn't bother to post any log entries, so here's the picture today. 5 days after I stopped colouring it because my hands started shaking too much from concentration.