Some Flying things

Some Flying things


Thumbs, Planes, and dragons.

I dicided to give all of my works annoyingly prestigious and simplistic names.
Deal with it.



I originally drew the one with the black background. -Drawing in white seems to allow me to notice contrasts better. But I think it looks pretty good when I invert the colours too. Obviously this isn't finished yet, But I've spent about two days on the damn thing, and I haven't really been working on much other works.


So.. waiting for my followers to catch up on the fact that I’m back.


Underwater 1/?

So, I'm going to try to commit to a piece of art this time. It's a half-cocked winter wonderland full of swimming and scuttling..
The working image is 10000 by 6000. but i've shrunk it abit so as not to break the internet. I'll try to update it as often as possible. And I hope to get a bit better at this whole drawing thing as I work on this piece.


Wacom is fun again ^.^

I just figured out how to install my wacom, and so here are a few sketches i've just done. I'm going to take a few days to get used to this.