Something I'll be working on for a few days.



Trying to use more colours than the usual grey scale. I think It came out pretty well, considering.


When will the block stop!!

:S I'm having some art-block problems so I'm just trying out some new shit. This is a really bad depiction of a police officer in a gas mask. Enjoy.



Got the template from Awesome-Emotions http://awesome-emotions.blogspot.com./2011/05/awesome-6.html
Hope you guys like it. It was supposed to take a few minutes, but i ended up doing for just over 2 hours. -That's why the colouring on the funnel-thing isn't really up to par.
Anyway, the picture is supposed to show the 'smiley-factory'.
If anyone wants to use this picture they can, just give me some credit, and link to this article / blog. -Or say that 1ockedand1oaded drew the original, with respect to Alex the author of Awesome Emotions.
Same rules apply for anyone who wants to get down and dirt in GIMP, and make their own version of this, with the original .xcf file. http://www.mediafire.com/?48njxk1s0rly3qh

Trashy wittle comic

Trying to get curve my art block. It's creating some pretty bad things. Not bad-ass. Just bad. ;_;


A Few sketches

A few quick sketches that I did. A few ideas that I might make into something.



Hello Fellow travellers and welcome to My Daily Doodle. Today we will take a look at some art work.
Art work drawn in half hour bursts. In other words extremely raw sketches. I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed making them. And if you do, I hope you remember to load your gun before you shoot.
On with the show!

This little guy here is what we call a go getter. He swoops in. Gets the girl. And leaves a beautiful pink mist behind as everyone else is incinerated by the explosives he tends to leave behind. Any-how. If you like this one, I will be pleased to draw him in a manner that someone with more dexterity then a 5 year old australian would consider worth his or her time.
And to picture two:

Ah yes. This one. One of my more... thought provoking pieces. Something that makes you wonder, puts words in your head, but makes you work to understand their meaning. Words like 'shit' and 'this is' and 'why am i still reading this?' Obviously a very positive piece, otherwise there would be no reason in posting this, as my internet personal would surely be tarnished, if I showed any less than my all, in every post i made.
And for the masterpiece!

Look at that emotion. look at that colour! LOOK AT THAT SHADING. This is a piece of art worthy of challenging the assumption that perfection can never be achieved. This picture shows a story. A story of love, and heart break. A story of keeping it together through the ups and the downs. A story of hair, long and short. The petals in her clawed hand strike sorrow into the audience's sole. Love me, Love me not, You will never be forgot'. Ahh beautiful.


Thumbs, Planes, and dragons.

I dicided to give all of my works annoyingly prestigious and simplistic names.
Deal with it.



I originally drew the one with the black background. -Drawing in white seems to allow me to notice contrasts better. But I think it looks pretty good when I invert the colours too. Obviously this isn't finished yet, But I've spent about two days on the damn thing, and I haven't really been working on much other works.


So.. waiting for my followers to catch up on the fact that I’m back.


Underwater 1/?

So, I'm going to try to commit to a piece of art this time. It's a half-cocked winter wonderland full of swimming and scuttling..
The working image is 10000 by 6000. but i've shrunk it abit so as not to break the internet. I'll try to update it as often as possible. And I hope to get a bit better at this whole drawing thing as I work on this piece.


Wacom is fun again ^.^

I just figured out how to install my wacom, and so here are a few sketches i've just done. I'm going to take a few days to get used to this.


I'm Back!

I'm back, so I'll spend today uploading photos so i can show you some awesome pictures.


A Little Update

I'm going to be on holiday for three and a half weeks -till around the 29th or August-. I'm going to Greece so I'll be bringing back some cool photos for you guys around that time.



:D here's some of the sketches and stuff that I did today. Just trying out different ways to draw things etc. Hope you like!


:D Sundays

Been a pretty cool week for me. I'll be posting a bit more art for the next week!
Here's a few sketches for today. I've also changed up the blog somewhat, -removing ads, and page breaks ect. So that it's more about the art than a big archive.


Two new pictures for two fun days of tests.

:D New pictures! click below to see.

This is a drawing of the animal in this sketch, only younger and less hostile.

 This sketch is one of my more random ideas -all my blogs are random, because i like it like that but hey? To put it simply, this is a drawing of a tied up and blind folded sausage being shipped to some unknown place by a who regularly gets attacked by fish.

What do you listen to in the elevator?
I listen to this



Tuesday mornings. :P Just posting what I've drawn!

You can't really see the lines that well but i think it comes out ok anyway.



It's not tuesday!!

yep. It certainly isn't Tuesday today huh?

Yep, so I've rubbed off all of the ufo conspiracy info off of my white board since deciding that I'm a absurdist who really doesn't give a shizbit. So here's something i've been working on for about a minute.
It's not Tuesday!! :D


Doodles on sundays. :)

hey guys, sorry it's been so long since i've updated. I've had some stuff lately that's kept me away from my computer so I haven't really been drawing / writing that much over the past few weeks.
here's a drawing i did today. I figured that i might test out cross-shading a bit. So there's lots of line fun in the picture. Enjoy!


Random Sketch #01

Here's the sketch I did yesterday. My phone died on me though so its a bit late.



:P another random doodle for another random doodle blog! :D
Please tell me how to improve, and maybe I'll come up with something more professional for this place, when i get better at this.


Perspective test

I was having some problems coming up with something to draw so I decided to try are train up my perspective skills, and draw a box. :P didn't really come up that good but, at least I came up with a cool looping ribbon effect..



I've just finished my mechanics exam, so i guess this is the best time to make a new post! Sorry for making everyone wait but the test anxiety's really eating at my creativity.
Here's a maze a doodled in class after the test anyway:



Bacon blades and broken dreams.

Here is my short attempt at a slithe blade. I used WAY too much charcoal for thise. XD


Sorry for the late post, but I was out getting hammered. I didn't really make anything reasonably good, so.. here's a mug I drew when I was on holiday! I think this is one of the earliest sketches I've done, and it's on my first notepad, so a lot of history in this! I will post later today too.


Taker of Ice cream.

Here he is. The 'Taker Of Ice Cream,' flying high above the clouds, searching for unsuspecting victims. Of his greed laced assault. He spots an easy take. A child, enjoying the meal that he believes to be rightfully his. He swoops down, eager to grab what is left. He scares the poor defenseless human girl with a 'SQUAARK' and a heave of his chest. Sometime later the sun sets in the west. And here our story ends with a villain, stomach full, enjoying what was always his.

Yawn, seaguls are bastards.


"What is it? Is it food?"

:D I have followers now! So I thought I should draw something for them all. :P I need a better camera though..

So here's Timmy. He's a snail-like creature with a techy vibe who likes to make electro-moticons. (That's a word now, so sayth 1ockedand1oaded.) So he's waving his probe at you trying to see what you are, and.. he sounds pretty hungry... 0.0'


Mondays are good for me.

I can't think of what to say today so I'm just going to put this here, so future viewers can appreciate it.


Let this begin: again

So, it's the 13 of may and I drew this yesterday JUST FOR YOU GUYS!! 8D

Even though I don't have any followers I believe in the random blog link to get me some viewers.


Is this thing still here?

This blog is a show of my failure to keep up with presentation. >.> I've been working on this picture since i last updated and didn't bother to post any log entries, so here's the picture today. 5 days after I stopped colouring it because my hands started shaking too much from concentration.



So much work, so little time. But I've finished it now so I'll be updating this daily until exam time starts in two weeks ;_;



Yawn. This is a big one. Just practise I guess.
Clockwise = Pole-vaulting, digging, backing away, village with lake, fishing.
:P Sorry for missing yesterday's pic, but my camera was acting up and I have way too many essays to be spending time fixing it.


Second Day!

Sup sup, everybody?
I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. And while I was drawing in this great little post-it notebook thing I had a mini flash-back of laser quest. Which I then spelt wrong because I'm such a rebble! :)
Anyway back to laser quest, did anyone of my 0 followers play laser quest? It'd be cool to share some stories about that. Like, for example how everyone at laser quest always camps at the bases and gang-rushes your suit?
Anyway, enjoy the doodle I suppose. :D