So much work, so little time. But I've finished it now so I'll be updating this daily until exam time starts in two weeks ;_;



Yawn. This is a big one. Just practise I guess.
Clockwise = Pole-vaulting, digging, backing away, village with lake, fishing.
:P Sorry for missing yesterday's pic, but my camera was acting up and I have way too many essays to be spending time fixing it.


Second Day!

Sup sup, everybody?
I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. And while I was drawing in this great little post-it notebook thing I had a mini flash-back of laser quest. Which I then spelt wrong because I'm such a rebble! :)
Anyway back to laser quest, did anyone of my 0 followers play laser quest? It'd be cool to share some stories about that. Like, for example how everyone at laser quest always camps at the bases and gang-rushes your suit?
Anyway, enjoy the doodle I suppose. :D


New blog time.

A first post is infinitely powerful. And that scares me a bit. So I'll try to make this one as pointless and finite as I can.