Random Sketch #01

Here's the sketch I did yesterday. My phone died on me though so its a bit late.



:P another random doodle for another random doodle blog! :D
Please tell me how to improve, and maybe I'll come up with something more professional for this place, when i get better at this.


Perspective test

I was having some problems coming up with something to draw so I decided to try are train up my perspective skills, and draw a box. :P didn't really come up that good but, at least I came up with a cool looping ribbon effect..



I've just finished my mechanics exam, so i guess this is the best time to make a new post! Sorry for making everyone wait but the test anxiety's really eating at my creativity.
Here's a maze a doodled in class after the test anyway:



Bacon blades and broken dreams.

Here is my short attempt at a slithe blade. I used WAY too much charcoal for thise. XD


Sorry for the late post, but I was out getting hammered. I didn't really make anything reasonably good, so.. here's a mug I drew when I was on holiday! I think this is one of the earliest sketches I've done, and it's on my first notepad, so a lot of history in this! I will post later today too.