Hello Fellow travellers and welcome to My Daily Doodle. Today we will take a look at some art work.
Art work drawn in half hour bursts. In other words extremely raw sketches. I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed making them. And if you do, I hope you remember to load your gun before you shoot.
On with the show!

This little guy here is what we call a go getter. He swoops in. Gets the girl. And leaves a beautiful pink mist behind as everyone else is incinerated by the explosives he tends to leave behind. Any-how. If you like this one, I will be pleased to draw him in a manner that someone with more dexterity then a 5 year old australian would consider worth his or her time.
And to picture two:

Ah yes. This one. One of my more... thought provoking pieces. Something that makes you wonder, puts words in your head, but makes you work to understand their meaning. Words like 'shit' and 'this is' and 'why am i still reading this?' Obviously a very positive piece, otherwise there would be no reason in posting this, as my internet personal would surely be tarnished, if I showed any less than my all, in every post i made.
And for the masterpiece!

Look at that emotion. look at that colour! LOOK AT THAT SHADING. This is a piece of art worthy of challenging the assumption that perfection can never be achieved. This picture shows a story. A story of love, and heart break. A story of keeping it together through the ups and the downs. A story of hair, long and short. The petals in her clawed hand strike sorrow into the audience's sole. Love me, Love me not, You will never be forgot'. Ahh beautiful.