Cash On Delivery 4



:D here's some of the sketches and stuff that I did today. Just trying out different ways to draw things etc. Hope you like!


:D Sundays

Been a pretty cool week for me. I'll be posting a bit more art for the next week!
Here's a few sketches for today. I've also changed up the blog somewhat, -removing ads, and page breaks ect. So that it's more about the art than a big archive.


Two new pictures for two fun days of tests.

:D New pictures! click below to see.

This is a drawing of the animal in this sketch, only younger and less hostile.

 This sketch is one of my more random ideas -all my blogs are random, because i like it like that but hey? To put it simply, this is a drawing of a tied up and blind folded sausage being shipped to some unknown place by a who regularly gets attacked by fish.

What do you listen to in the elevator?
I listen to this



Tuesday mornings. :P Just posting what I've drawn!

You can't really see the lines that well but i think it comes out ok anyway.



It's not tuesday!!

yep. It certainly isn't Tuesday today huh?

Yep, so I've rubbed off all of the ufo conspiracy info off of my white board since deciding that I'm a absurdist who really doesn't give a shizbit. So here's something i've been working on for about a minute.
It's not Tuesday!! :D


Doodles on sundays. :)

hey guys, sorry it's been so long since i've updated. I've had some stuff lately that's kept me away from my computer so I haven't really been drawing / writing that much over the past few weeks.
here's a drawing i did today. I figured that i might test out cross-shading a bit. So there's lots of line fun in the picture. Enjoy!