Got the template from Awesome-Emotions http://awesome-emotions.blogspot.com./2011/05/awesome-6.html
Hope you guys like it. It was supposed to take a few minutes, but i ended up doing for just over 2 hours. -That's why the colouring on the funnel-thing isn't really up to par.
Anyway, the picture is supposed to show the 'smiley-factory'.
If anyone wants to use this picture they can, just give me some credit, and link to this article / blog. -Or say that 1ockedand1oaded drew the original, with respect to Alex the author of Awesome Emotions.
Same rules apply for anyone who wants to get down and dirt in GIMP, and make their own version of this, with the original .xcf file. http://www.mediafire.com/?48njxk1s0rly3qh

Trashy wittle comic

Trying to get curve my art block. It's creating some pretty bad things. Not bad-ass. Just bad. ;_;